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Ring Blower Side Channel Blower

Ring Blower Side Channel Blower
Product Detailed
1, easy installation 2, low noise 3, no pollution free from contamination 4, high quality,very high performance 5.Easy main

Rachel baker (ribake) high-pressure blower has the following performance:

High reliability

In addition to the impeller, high-pressure blower no other moving parts, and impeller direct links to motor, no gear or transmission belt, so high reliability, almost maintenance free.

Low Vibration

High precision machinery, return part of another piece of all through the extreme precision balance design, testing, calibration so vibration rate is very low.

Using range and service:

High-pressure blower is mainly used in gas transport system; Vacuum ascension and clamping system; Packaging machine, Wastewater treatment plant ventilation; Bag/bottled/filling system; Soil improvement; Foam molding system; Food processing system; Laser printers; Dental vacuum suction machine; Paper handling system; The loom, and so on.

High-pressure blower principle of work:

High-pressure blower is blowing and absorption of the vortex air pump, the fan special blade design, it has high pressure, big air volume, low noise, high temperature resistant etc. Characteristics. Pressure fan insulation performance is strong, easy installation, high stability, the gas through without oil, dry, of the highest quality. High pressure and high suction impeller unique design is produced. Pressure of impeller with many edge fan blades, when the impeller turns, because centrifugal effect, the two leaves of the air are quickly to rim direction, turn the lose energy, wind pressure fast stack, they form the high pressure or high force the speed be increased. When air is duct to import the impeller, will again be accelerated. Because more than the fan blade pressure turn energy, wind pressure fast stack, they form the high pressure or high attraction. Drying machine high-pressure blower, Taiwan high-pressure blower said the ring blower, has the air supply and air suction of two kinds of function, the Siemens technology, through the gas without oil, dry, suitable for many mechanical industry auxiliary equipment.

Mand maintenance method:aintenance

1) high-pressure blower motor straight even impeller and belong to high speed bearings need to add butter regular maintenance and prevent damage to the (including the impeller's bearing).

2) the motor shaft power and pressure is proportional to, to prevent long-term pressures lead to limit the shaft power increase, motor load is overweight, often use is discharging valve, it is a unloading valve, when the use of high-pressure blower pressure commentate pressure valve set more than the pressure after, discharging valve will automatically open, the excess stress release, protect a high-pressure blower motor.

3) high-pressure blower internal institutions more closely, the impeller and chassis clearance is small, so to filter debris and dust. It is to be in commonly the intake loaded on fine mesh/filter. It according to different use the site, often use different filtration precision filter.

4) in some special occasions, it needs special protection: for example in sealed environment used, should pay attention to ventilation cooling; When environment temperature (inlet temperature is higher

Use points:

High-pressure blower operation, motor consumption in the current pressure and vacuum degree with the increase of increase, such as current will lead trip, to prevent tripping or save electricity, please increase the sectional area as far as possible the outlet, or on inhaling or exhaust side wind pressure air volume regulator device.

A. with-the entrance should air filter

1., air flow of the total cross-sectional area should be more than one half of the fan export sectional area.

2. As for the water send spirit, the depth of water pressure in the catalog shall be indicated by the maximum static pressure value to below 70%.

3. To send spirit pressure, the temperature of the air friction exports more than 10 °C at relationship is a normal, reason should be more than 1 M use iron pipe.

B. air suction with-exit can add muffler The total sectional area inhaled hole should be greater than blower entrance one half of sectional area.

Ring Blower Side Channel Blower

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